With an impressive 45-year legacy with cannabis , David Johnson has established himself as a leading authority in cannabis cultivation, genetics, extraction, and medical cannabis therapy. His expertise, honed over a decade in the Canadian legal cannabis sector, spans diverse roles and responsibilities.

In his tenure as a Packing and Inventory Supervisor at a $40 million Licensed Producer in Acheson, Alberta, he demonstrated his hands-on approach and deep understanding of the industry. His role saw him mentoring junior staff with no previous cannabis experience. He was instrumental in organizing a brand-new packaging department and inventory system, ensuring regulatory compliance with Health Canada, Cannabis Regulations, and the Cannabis Act following Good Production Practices (GPP).

Known for his passion for cannabis and natural teaching ability, he has become an invaluable mentor and team member. His dedication, ability to work with diverse groups, and commitment to task completion have earned him the respect of colleagues and superiors alike.

His accomplishments include designing, building, and operating a 4,000 sq/ft, 615 plant, medical cannabis grow room that supported four ACMPR patients. Beyond cultivation, his expertise extends to cannabis coaching, with a track record of writing care plans for nearly 100 medical cannabis patients. His eight years of experience in closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction processing and many years of experience pressing rosin, further demonstrate his authority in the field.

His manufacturing skills are equally impressive, having produced 100,000 cannabis oil vape pens, a range of edibles, and various topicals. His mission is to leverage his vast knowledge and experience to educate and inspire others in the cannabis industry. His commitment to quality, patient care, and innovative practices sets him apart as a leader in the field.

Focusing on cannabis industry consulting and cannabis coaching, he is the go-to expert for those seeking to navigate the complexities of the cannabis sector. His proven track record and authority in the field make him a trusted resource for both industry insiders and newcomers alike.